Upland Collectibles

(Upland Comics & Collectibles)

Upland Collectibles, (aka UPCO, Upland Comics), is one of Upland's oldest and most established metaventures for digital collectible sales, trading and manufacturing.  We deal in all forms of digital collectibles and maintain locations throughout Upland.  In addition we maintain a whitelisted collection on the WAX blockchain to support our Upland based endeavors.  Upland Collectibles started out as Upland Comics & Collectibles and was most notably recognized as Upland Comics.

Upland Collectibles deals in all forms of Upland assets. We have multiple factories as well as showrooms and shops.  We currently offer locations for Vehicles, Block Explorers, Map Assets, NFLPA, FIFA, Racing, and more.  We have established locations throughout the North American region of Upland.

West Coast

San Francisco

Block Explorer Shop

 170 Junipero Serra Blvd

Legits Shop

 150 Junipero Serra Blvd

NFLPA Fan Shop

 140 Junipero Serra Blvd

Futbol (FIFA) Shop

 130 Junipero Serra Blvd

Los Angeles

Map Asset Showroom

 1000 West Temple St

Vehicle Showroom 

 314 N Boylston St

NFLPA Fan Shop 

 1100 West Temple St

Block Explorer Shop 

412 N Boylston St

Legits Shop 

 1150 Temple St


Showroom (Predevelopment)

 800 Madison St

Shop (Predevelopment)

 1440 Broadway

Santa Clara

Showroom (Under Construction)

 364 Reed St


Showroom (Pending)

 2926 Tulare St


Showroom (Pending)

 1401 S St



Future Showrooms (Predevelopment)

United Center/Little Italy


Shops (Predevelopment)

7601 2nd Ave
625 Pallister Ave


Map Asset Showroom (Pending)

 301 Superior Ave

East Coast


Vehicle Showroom

419 W 39 St

NFLPA Fan Shop

273 Madison Ave

Shop (Under Construction)

589 5th Ave


Map Asset Showroom (Under Const)

13740 91st Ave

NFLPA Fan Shop (Pending)

9079 Sutphin Blvd

Ornament Showroom (Under Const)

9525 149th St


Map Asset Showroom

15 4th Avenue

NFLPA Fan Shop

  162 Flatbush Ave

Block Explorer Shop

  162 Flatbush Ave

Racing Legits Shop

  604 Pacific St

Staten Island

Map Asset Showroom 

35A Bay St